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Caring After Your Tattoo with The TAC Cream

Getting a tattoo is the first step towards the perfect body art. Nothing sucks more than getting the tattoo only for it to get infected and your skin starts scarring over. You start wishing you never got the tattoo in the first place when you look at the ugly mess of ink on your skin.

With the right after-care though, you’re guaranteed of a tattoo worthy of showing off on a sunny beach. Here’s how the TAC cream helps you take care of your new tattoo.

A word for people with a low-pain threshold.

If you are scared of getting your first tattoo, you can use the TAC cream to make the process comfortable and almost pain-free. The numbing effects of the cream make it a great pain-prevention cream, as well as a great cream to take care of your raw skin after getting the tattoo.

Ingredients like peg-9 stearate, lidocaine and prilocaine give TAC cream potent pain-relief powers you’ll appreciate when getting a tattoo, and while caring for it the first few days.

Tattoo After-Care

Once you come out of the tattoo parlor with a brand new tattoo, you should immediately start taking care of it. Underneath that bandage is raw skin and ink that needs tender care to heal and merge into a piece of art.

A tattoo takes anywhere between a week too two weeks to heal. The period depends on the size of the tattoo, placement, and type of tattoo. Regardless, during the healing period, you need to take extra care of the tattoo. Before going on, if the tattoo artist used a plastic wrap on the tattoo, remove it as soon as possible. Plastic doesn’t allow your skin to breath which might cause a lot of damage on your newly tattooed skin. Don’t leave the plastic wrap on for more than a few hours.

As a matter of fact, any kind of dressing on the tattoo shouldn’t stay there for more than three hours. Once you take the dressing off, wash the skin with warm water gently, avoiding any harsh scrubbing. If the skin feels tingly or you feel a bit of pain, apply some TAC cream to numb the skin.

You can use the TAC cream for two or three days on the tattoo to keep the pain away. What you want to do is make sure the tattooed skin doesn’t dry up during the healing process. Using an ointment keeps the skin hydrated. Doing this keeps bacteria away from the skin, thus beating any opportunistic infections.




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