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Everything You Need to Know About the Tattoo Process

Knowing a thing or two about the tattoo process might help you make up your mind on whether to get one or not. For most people, understanding what goes on is of great help when it comes to making significant decisions in life. Getting a tattoo is a significant decision because tattoos are permanent. You’ll live with it for the rest of your life in most cases. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the tattooing process.

The Tattoo Design

The first thing you should think about before going to the tattoo parlor is the kind of tattoo you want. There are all sorts of tattoo designs today. In fact, if you can dream it, a tattoo artist will bring it to life. If you’re having trouble with coming up with a design on your own, the internet is full of tattoo designs you can look at. From dragons to symbols, anything can act as a tattoo design. Let your imagination run wild, but not too wild that you end up with an unsightly tattoo.

Clean Shave

The spot where you’ll get the tattoo should be clutter free. That means you should shave it the day before visiting a tattoo parlor. You have to wax some areas too to make work easier for the artist. You should do this although most tattoo artists do it for you.

However, shaving the spot or waxing it a few minutes before tattooing increases the pain intensity. Right after a shave, the skin gets raw, making it particularly irritated even before the tattoo gun starts drilling across.

The Tattoo Parlor

Next up, you need to choose the right tattoo parlor to get the best results. As a rule of the thumb, the parlor you chose must be hygienic. If you walk into a tattoo parlor and a guy walks past you with duct tape on his newly tattooed skin, run!

Sitting in The Chair Of Honor

Here, things get a bit dicey. The thought of sharp needles sends chills down most spines. Luckily for you, you can use a tattoo numbing cream to minimize the levels of discomfort. Tattoo numbing creams especially the most famous of all being TAC, work best when you apply them on the skin right before the artist gets to work. That gives you two to three hours of pain-free tattooing.

After Care

Most people think after getting out of the tattoo parlor there’s nothing left to do. That’s not true. For the next week you should treat the tattoo with warm water and ointment to help it heal properly and prevent infections.


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