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3 Spots Where Tattoo Hurt Most and How To Reduce The Pain

Here is a list of 3 areas that hurt the most while getting a tattoo. If you want to get a tattoo in any one of these areas but you are afraid of the pain, or sharp needles, you are in for a treat. You’ll discover a simple, yet effective way to make the pain go away while getting that tattoo.

The fear of pain keeps many people from expressing their individuality with a tattoo. Once you set your mind to it, and use this simple trick you are going to have a wonderful experience in the tattooing process.

It’s time you stop cringing at the thought of a tattoo machine and get that tattoo on any spot you wish.

The 3 spots covered here are the most painful because they have little fat, and have a bunch of nerve endings.

  1. Ribs

The rib cage is a beautiful canvas to get a tattoo. It is spread evenly and extends nicely to accommodate the largest of tattoos. However, rib cage spreads thinly across the body, and in some parts, there’s no fat under the skin. That makes it more than a little discomforting getting a tattoo anywhere on your rib cage.

To overcome the pain, use a tattoo numbing cream to numb the area around your rib cage. You want to start with a small tattoo design and add the cream to it.

  1. Behind The Ear

Have you ever had a knock behind the ear? If you’ve done it, then you might be familiar with the star display that comes with the knock and the earth shattering pain you feel afterward. Right behind your ear is a bunch of nerve endings.

A knock or a pinch there sends surging waves of pain coursing through your entire body. That’s why if a boxer catches a punch near that area, its light out.

Although there’s not too much room for a tattoo behind the ear, you can still get a small insect or a feather tattoo there and reduce the pain using a tattoo numbing cream.

  1. Foot

Besides the fact that many tattoo artists never work on the foot due to uneven skin texture and poor healing process, the pain of getting a tattoo there makes many people cringe. It’s the same kind of pain you feel when you knock your toes on furniture, only 10 times worse. If you are determined on getting a tattoo on your toes, a tattoo numbing cream helps relieve most of the discomfort.


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