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Keeping Tattoos Painless with TAC Cream

A well done tattoo is a beautiful work of art very good for bragging rights. The pain that goes into the art is what scares many people off. Tattooing hurts and the degree of pain will depend on the size of the tattoo, where it is being done and the kind of outlining and color needed.

Numbing agents like TAC cream are very effective in fighting pain during tattooing. These creams can be applied before or after the skin is broken. The numbing agent can be in form of spray, gel or cream.

TAC cream

TAC cream is a powerful topical anesthetizer that can be applied on the skin before, during and after the tattoo session.  The cream contains effective ingredients including prilocaine, lidocaine, peg-9 stearate, and phenoxyethanol and water carbomer.

TAC works by depressing pain at the source i.e. the nerves on the skin.  It depresses the pain communication between the brain and nerve endings on the skin so the user experiences less pain. The technology behind TAC has been developed by some leading dermatologists who have studied pain mechanisms.

Using TAC cream will give you the heart to come back for a second or third session of a big tattoo even if you are getting a tattoo for the first time.

Painless tattoos

For best results it is good to use TAC cream in the preparation of the tattoo;

  • Wash the area to be tattooed with soap and water
  • Wash hands with soap and water then wear gloves
  • Apply an even coat of TAC cream on the tattoo site with a tongue depressor
  • Let the cream sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping off
  • Outline the tattoo stencil
  • Use TAC cream lightly during the tattoo session applying small amounts through the session.

Feeling the pain

After application of TAC cream you will experience a numbing sensation within 15 minutes. Once the tattooing starts, you will feel minimal or no pain during the first hour or as long as small amount of TAC cream is being applied. The numbing will gradually lessen after 2 or 3 hours.

If you have a large design that covers areas like the elbow and back of the knee, it would be best to start doing these areas first when the numbing sensation is still strongest. These areas have lots of nerve endings making tattooing on them more painful.

TAC cream is a tattoo lover’s dream tool in fighting pain. You can get full back tattoos easily with this powerful numbing cream


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