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I’m thrilled to share a few words for the very first TAC blog post.  TAC Tattoo Anesthetic Cream does exactly what it claims. It’s making my job easier and more enjoyable. TAC Cream actually neutralizes the pain, helps my clients to settle in and relax, and allows me to focus on the art. Since I began recommending TAC to my clients, I’ve noticed an incredible drop-off in their levels of pain and discomfort. They can sit through a 4-5 hour session without the constant breaks, interruptions, and repositioning.  

New clients say that it feels like they’re cheating. “I thought tattoos were supposed to hurt,” said a 22-year-old music exec getting his first piece. I just laughed it off and shook my head. Later, an old buddy stopped by to get some touch up work done, and at first, he didn’t want anything to do with it.  After a little convincing he agreed to give it a shot… this dude couldn’t believe the difference the TAC Cream made. He said it took his mind of the needle and that it felt like he was just there to chop it up.

TAC is genuinely the best pain-relieving product I’ve ever encountered.  Get it. Try it.  See for yourself why this cream is going to change the tattoo experience.

Chuey Quintanar (@chueyquintanar)

Deer’s Eye Studio  |   Los Angeles, CA


Jesus “Chuey” Quintanar is renowned tattoo artist to the A-List, and discerning tattoo enthusiasts.  Admire his art work at @chueyquintanar


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